Addressing Music Projects

A professional and thorough project description enhances the opportunity and ability of realization and successful execution of a music project.

MomC guides and advises music projects of musicians, cultural and cultural educational organizations and has developed for this a Design Project Plan. From this design a final project plan is composed, which is the basis and starting point for fundraising and recruiting partners.

The approach of a project consists of three phases:
a)     Orientation on the project topic and, if necessary, preliminary research.
b)     Completion of the components of the project design and making a budget.
c)     Selecting the right funds including other financing opportunities and fundraising.

In an agreement will be described in brief the content of the music project, the form of cooperation, the temporal phases of work and tasks and the amount and method of remuneration/payment.

Soundboard for Musicians

MomC likes to be soundboard for musicians with their search and efforts to better profile and present themselves and how to explore opportunities and create a better position in their music/culture field and therefore gain more performances.

In consultation with MomC a musician will get better insight into what he/she has to do to achive what he/she wants.

In an agreement will be described in brief the approach, the period of guding and advice and the amount and method of remuneration/payment.

  • No cost are involved at orientation meetings.