MomC guides and advises musicians and composers with their music projects and has developed for this a design project plan consisting of 15 components, from project (working) title to budget and coverage plan. From this design a final project plan is composed, which is the basis and starting point for fundraising, recruiting sponsors and partners.

The essence of the approach is close cooperation and consists of six phases:
a)     Orientation on project topic and, if necessary, carry out preliminary research.
b)     Sending project plan and budget concept.
c)     Review received texts and figures set up project plan and budget concept.
d)     Composing final project plan and budget.
e)     Selecting funds, subsidizers and sponsors appropriate for the proposed project.
f)      Contacting and applying for contributions at selected funds, subsidizers and sponsors.

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Phases a, b & c:
There are no costs associated with this.
Phases d, e & f:
In an agreement is briefly described the content of the music project, the form of cooperation, the time phases of work & tasks and the amount & method of payment. MomC requires an advance payment for composing the final project plan and budget  & guides and advises project fundraising on the basis of no-cure-no-pay.